27 March 2010

Carnegie Bars

Here's something that's been around for a bit, just not too common around these parts (but we're going to change that, aren't we?)

Shown above is the FLAT (zero rise) version - here's the quick and dirty:

  • Oversize bar clamp
  • 25˚ backsweep
  • 685mm tip-to-tip, which as the bars are angled makes them feel like a true trail-worthy 700mm bar. That's 27.5in.
  • 7075 triple butted tubing - the very best out there
  • Heat treated
  • Shot peened
  • Black anodised
  • Tested to exceed the new stringent CEN standard.
  • Weight is under 300g
Here's a comparison shot, just in case you were wondering...

Information from Ragley Bikes and pictures borrowed from the MTBR forums


Izzy said...

I want this! How do I get me a set of Carnegie's???

blackcatbikes said...

Hi El! Send me an email at blackcatbikes at yahoo.com - or alternatively, check http://black-cat-bikes.blogspot.com/p/contact-us.html and give us a contact number...

Limited supply :)