08 April 2010


Cheeky Saddles!

Ragley’s saddle line all feature “distressed” logos so your saddle won’t look worn after a few weeks – it looks worn from the day you get it! Using top saddle manufacturer Velo’s expertise and customisation facility, Ragley mix and matched their favourite base, padding compound and cover to give the ride and profile they wanted. No soggy sofa, this is a performance perch built for knocks and spills and day long comfort.


  • Available in "Logo" and "Natural" flavors
  • Size 275mm x 132mm
  • Superslim profile
  • Tough one piece Lorica cover with no stitching
  • Logo available in Black and White or White and Black
  • Natural available in Black/Orange, Black/White, White/Black, White/Green and White/Blue
  • Weight: 216g (chromoly) 206g (ti)
That's 2 colors for the Logo model, 5 colors for the Natural model, and both models available in chromoly and ti.... that's... 14 different saddle combinations! Click on the pic for some serious detail on the natural saddle, that stuff isn't spray-painted on!

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