01 June 2010

Frames have landed.... yes, blue pigs can fly.

Click the pics for some nice detail. You may have to tilt your head, I wanna make sure you're paying attention! :)

Let's mix it up a bit.


Two flavors. Non-photoshopped, i'm not computer-literate enough to know how to use that stuff. Sorry, light kept changing throughout the shoot, but hey, we tried :) The shade of Blue is very accurate, but the Green is harder to capture... the shade is very close to the kawasaki green made famous by Santa Cruz Bicycles (my other, other ride) - needless to say, if you want the green, don't worry, it's a REALLY nice shade of green according to the few who've seen it up close.


I'm pretty impressed, it's hard enough to buy a frame with the head tube faced...

... and these frames have BOTH the bottom bracket AND the disc brake mounts faced, too! Taking off all that excess paint allows a consistently flat surface to mount your headset, bottom bracket and disc brake adaptor.


Some overall detail shots now...



Just look at how much the light was changing! Just remember, first two pics are the most accurate color-wise! :)

Detailed mmmBop info here

Now on to some Ti goodness...

Seatstay Bridge... nice welds!

Downtube Sticker

Disc brake mount, left chainstay

Some angled shots of the right chainstay - the three finger design gives LOTS of clearance!

Some profile shots...

Detailed Ti info here

My partner seems to like it...

now she's going to look for some parts to build it with...

WHAT??? Where's the Blue Pig?

Still recovering from the swine flu... come back in a few days :) (EDIT - here's the Blue Pig!)

mmmBOP SRP - Php 24,500
Ragley Ti SRP - 86,500

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