01 June 2010

Ragley and Nuke Proof Components

So... what have we here?

I picked this up to test it out, it's REALLY light... check out the small print! :)

(click to enlarge the pictures)


Ragley Spike Seatposts - 27.2 and 31.6!


Seat clamps - and the package includes a spare washer, if the time comes when all that opening and closing wears it out. Great quality!


The soon-to-be cult classic - Carnegie's Bar!


Sample colors and details for the grip. Compound is just the right amount of firm, unless you want the supersoft black compound.


... but wait, there's more!

Nuke Proof Proton pedals! Flat, wide, grippy!


Nuke Proof Warhead Stem - available in multiple lengths, but I stock the 50 and 70mm - preferred length for all Ragley frames!

70mm pictured below


I'm not seeing enough yellow, though...

The yellow may look a little weird, because we used two different

Nuke Proof Generator Front - 20 mm through axle with included 9mm QR adaptors!


Nuke Proof Generator Rear.


Note: the color looks a little strange in some shots because we used 2 camphones (cause we're ghetto like that) and the light kept changing (cause the weather is just like that). I just wanted to provide some detailed pictures anyway. The two most accurate shots (at least based on my monitor) are the two right above.


And before I get questions about how the it sounds when it coasts, it purrs like a little kitten after a full meal and a tummy rub. It makes less noise than a standard shimano hub even if it has 6 pawls and a 30 tooth ratchet! So if you're looking for that "tunog mayaman" sound, so sorry, this may not be the hub for you ;)

This officially serves as a retraction - when I spun the hub on the demo blue pig the first few times, it WAS really quiet... but after a few more spins, the sound came alive. I guess it just took awhile for the lubrication to spread out. It's definitely much louder now!

Working on attaching a video sample - please stay tuned for further announcements!

Even Magic likes em!

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