24 May 2010


Need a spring but can't seem to find the right one?

We offer springs in both Steel and Ti, in regular and oversized. Rockshox Vivid and Cane Creek users, we've got your 38mm internal diameter needs covered.

What's the difference between a Ti spring and a Steel spring?
There are 3 main differences: Weight, Longevity, Cost.

A Ti spring weighs less (usually up to 50% less than a steel spring), which could save about half a pound depending on what type of shock you use and the length of the spring.

A Ti spring outlasts a Steel spring in use... Titanium simply has a longer fatigue life, so where a steel spring may go dead (hey, it happens to cars, too), you'll still be happily riding along on a Ti spring.

A Ti spring costs more than a Steel spring, but you get what you pay for - maximum performance, minimum weight.

So the question's been asked - if I wanted to save weight, why not just use an air shock? The best air shocks have come pretty close to getting that plush coil feel, but you can still tell the difference. I can still tell the difference in feel between my Rock Shox Revelation Dual Air 2009 and my Marzocchi Z1 FR 2003... and the Z1 is WAY smoother!

So whether you want to go Steel or Ti, we should have the size you need... Need information on how to measure your shock?

Click the image below to see available sizes.

04 May 2010

all you need is hub... (but if you REALLY want the whole wheel)...

The Nuke Proof Generator All Mountain wheels combine high performance and lightweight. Featuring the Nuke Proof Generator hubs and SunRinglé MTX 29 rims for the perfect combination of strength to weight for adrenaline fuelled All Mountain use.

• 7075 Alloy main hub body
• 7075 Alloy sub axle
• 2 x Sealed 6805 bearings
• 32 Hole
• Width: 110mm (20mm), 100mm (QR)
• International Standard 6 bolt disc brake interface
• 67mm flange diameter
• 21.5mm Left side Centre-To-Flange diameter
• 31.5mm Right side Centre-To-Flange diameter
• 11.3mm End of axle to disc mount face (QR)
• 15.5mm End of axle to disc mount face (20mm)
• Weight: 225g

• Use: All Mountain/ Freeride
• Width: 29mm
• Bead Width: 29mm
• Inner Bead Width: 22.5mm
• Section Height: 22.5mm
• Weight: 570g
• Erd: 539mm
• Hole Count: 32

AM versions available in various combinations (15QR or 20mmTA Front / 135mm QR or 135 12mm BOLT-ON or 150mm 12mm BOLT-ON) in both Black and Yellow colorways

Hubs Information