31 March 2010

all you need is hub

well... hubs, really, front and rear...

presenting... for your viewing pleasure...


The 7075 Alloy main hub body has been cold forged for optimum strength and fatigue resistance with extensive CNC machining to
shave off any unnecessary weight without compromising strength.


The Front 20mm/QR is compatible with both 20mm through axles and 9mm QR axles and
the Front 15mm/QR is compatible with both 15mm through axles. Both models come complete with conversion kit to allow for quick changeovers between the two axle types.
These hubs are completely serviceable without the necessary use of specialist tools.

Front Hub features:
• 7075 Alloy main hub body
• 7075 Alloy sub axle
• 2 x Sealed 6805 bearings

• 32 Hole
• Width: 110mm (20mm), 100mm (15mm and QR)

• International Standard 6 bolt disc brake interface
• 67mm flange diameter
• 21.5mm Left side Centre-To-Flange diameter
• 31.5mm Right side Centre-To-Flange diameter
• 11.3mm End of axle to disc mount face (QR)

• 15.5mm End of axle to disc mount face (20mm)
• Weight: 225g
(20mm), 149g(15mm)


Both Rear 135 QR and 135 x 12mm models have been designed to fit frames with a 135mm hub spacing. Built to be strong enough for DH but still light enough for XC. This hub features a total of five sealed cartridge bearings with two on the drive side to help spread the loads of pedaling forces through the hub and one on the non-drive side with a further two in the freehub body. A low friction seal between the bearings and freehub body eliminates contamination of the bearings from ingress of water and dust.

The Rear XL 150 has been designed to fit frames with a 150mm hub spacing. Built to withstand the demands of DH racing and Freeride applications, this hub features a total of six sealed cartridge bearings, two on either side of the hub body and a further two in the freehub body to help spread the loads of high impact landings and keep these hubs running sweet.

These hubs feature 6 pawls with leaf springs which are located in the main hub body for ease of maintenance. These engage into a 30 tooth steel ratchet which is located in the Alloy freehub body for additional strength and increased leverage ratio which provides positive engagement and super fast pick up for increased acceleration.

Rear Hub features:
• 7075 Alloy main hub body
• 7075 Alloy sub axle (QR or 12mm)
• Alloy freehub body with 30T steel ratchet
• 6 Pawls with leaf springs
• 4 x Sealed 6902 & 1 x sealed 15268v bearings (135mm),
5 x Sealed 6902 & 1 x sealed 15268v bearings (150mm)
• 32 Hole
• International Standard 6 bolt disc brake interface
• Weight: 305g (QR), 300g(12mm)
330g (150mm)

Just in case you need a cheat sheet for the pop quiz, here you go!

Hubs front and rear with the following options:
Front 20mm/QR
Front 15mm/QR
Rear 135mm/12mm
Rear 150mm/12mm

All front hubs come with the corresponding converter kits so swapping from 15 or 20mm to QR and back is easy-peasy.

All hubs are available in yellow and black color options, all in 32 holes.

All bearings, freehub bodies, pawls and springs, locknuts, endcaps etc. are available should your hubs need some TLC.



Note: Recorded with a cellphone, approximately 1 foot from the rear hub (close to the area where the rim is.

All items available for order, all orders batched and processed within the first week of every month - just contact us for pricing and availability :)

wideopenmag Issue 12 is out!

For those who've never checked it out, wideopenmag is an online PDF magazine. Feel free to download or view online.

There's a great Ragley review in issue 11, courtesy of the Ragley website.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the magazine, and if you don't already have it, please take the time to download, it's a great program for many other things, as well!


30 March 2010

A seatpost is a seatpost is a seatpost... right?

Or is it?

How much more could you improve a seatpost???
It's like trying to build a better mousetrap!

After all, the market is flooded - We have all kinds now! With the rise and fall of suspension seatposts, and the influx of adjustable models, what could you actually do to improve something that holds up a saddle?

Well, I HAVE been wanting one of those fancy-schmancy adjustable seatposts, if I could find one that works the way I want it to...

All said, until:

a) someone finally makes an adjustable seatpost with a remote that functions flawlessly with no play, low-to-no maintenance and weighing up to 20% more than I'm used to

b) I can actually afford this imaginary seatpost without dipping into my every-so-often fancy-schmancy coffee budget

c) preferably, both a) and b)

... I'm sticking to the regular kind. And if I'm sticking to the regular kind, why not try something new?


Just when you think you've seen it all, here's a seatpost that takes a lot of the guesswork out of raising and lowering your saddle. The graphic goes around the post, instead of the usual marker line on one side, so you can adjust your saddle height without having to go behind the bike to check some worn-out marker lines. Simple!
  • micro-adjustable clamp
  • 25mm off offset
  • 7075-T6 alloy with hard anodized laser etched surface
  • Easy-to-set height graphic.
  • Available in 27.2 (Blue Pigs and various other frames) and 31.6 (Ragley Tis and mmmBops and various other frames)
  • 400mm length
  • Weight: 31.6mm-268g, 27.2mm-275g

29 March 2010

27 March 2010


Some hand candy ;)

Click on the pics for some closeup details!


Slim skinny grip with grippy nodulations to take care of control in wet or dry conditions.


Classic half waffle design for ultimate wet mud grip. Even if you put a hand down, and get slimey, the classic pattern will leave you locked to the bars when it matters.

Mid sized lock on grip with repeating logos to take care of control in wet or dry conditions.

Prefer your hand candy in a Nuke Proof flavor?




  • Ragley grips available in Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, White and Black
  • Nuke Proof grips available in White, Yellow and Black
  • Both Ragley and Nuke Proof grips available in 2 kinds of black - one standard, one soft n sticky
  • Pick a color, match it up - or as some of my riding buddies do, un-match it with the rest of your gear
  • Includes 4 alloy lock-on collars and CNC'd end caps, as opposed to the plastic with other lockon packages. Protect your bar, protect your gut
And for goodness sakes, people - PLEASE wear full-finger gloves whenever you ride. You never know when your hands are going to touch the ground and you'll need the protection.

No glove, no love! Ride safe!

Information from Ragley Bikes

Carnegie Bars

Here's something that's been around for a bit, just not too common around these parts (but we're going to change that, aren't we?)

Shown above is the FLAT (zero rise) version - here's the quick and dirty:

  • Oversize bar clamp
  • 25˚ backsweep
  • 685mm tip-to-tip, which as the bars are angled makes them feel like a true trail-worthy 700mm bar. That's 27.5in.
  • 7075 triple butted tubing - the very best out there
  • Heat treated
  • Shot peened
  • Black anodised
  • Tested to exceed the new stringent CEN standard.
  • Weight is under 300g
Here's a comparison shot, just in case you were wondering...

Information from Ragley Bikes and pictures borrowed from the MTBR forums