09 April 2010



Introducing the mmmBop frame. Named after one hell of a ride in Calderdale (here's a sample, leading to more similar videos), NOT named after that 90's overplayed radio earworm (here's a sample of that, too, but I take ZERO responsibility for your last song syndrome)...


Quick Lime or Blue.
16", 18", 20" sizes.
Sub-4 pounds of aluminum goodness.
1.5 inch headtube - run it your way, full 1.5 inch steerer, more common 1.125 via reducers, or tapered - your ride, your headset and fork, your choice - change your mind down the line on your fork, you can still run the same frame!
Run it with a 130-150 mm fork and a 50-70mm
Same great handling as a Blue Pig, because the geometry is EXACTLY the same. Think of it as a Blue Pig, in an aluminum-2-pounds-lighter-with-a-1.5-head-tube flavor :)

Specs and Design

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