31 July 2010


Without using any form of Search Engine Optimization techniques, and using nothing more than Facebook, forum posts and word of mouth from the friends we started with and the friends we've made, www.blackcatbikes.com has broken the 1,000 barrier!

That's not just 1,000 visitors - that's 1,000 unique visitors from 33 countries!

We just want to thank everyone for coming to visit!

Apologies for not posting more often, the shop slave (me) took on a corporate job (the bills don't pay themselves), and the actual owner (the cat) doesn't really wanna post and is content with just sleeping and drinking lactose-free milk.

If you're new to the site (or maybe haven't looked at everything), the labels on the right are really helpful if you want to wander through old posts.

We'll be posting more over the next week, so stay tuned and RIDE SAFE!

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